Funny thing, visiting the dentist.

As welcome as rain at a BBQ and just above traffic wardens in the popularity stakes – we dentists get a bit of a bad rep.

But where does the fear start?

For some of us, our first experience was the look of fear on a parent’s face and their attempts to get out of a visit. For others, it was gory playground tales or deliberate scare tactics by older siblings.

However it started, we’re a little bit determined to help stop it.

If your child needs treatment, or even if they’re due for a check up and have developed ‘dentist fear’, there are a few things you can do to help make it a bit easier…

Play it down – Explain calmly and be matter of fact. Children are often told what treatment they need and then their little friends barrage them with horror stories of how bad dentistry is.

It’s good to talk – Sometimes they just want to ask questions and have you talk through their fears. Don’t know the answer? No problem, call us and we’ll give you a child friendly version that you can relay.

It’s all in the timing – If you can take the morning off, do. It’s not always possible, but sending them back to school after a local anaesthetic isn’t always advisable. Also, if you make it a day to spend together, it’ll take the edge of the ‘scary’ and give them something to look forward to. Similarly, if they’re really young, resist the temptation to bring them straight from school, when they’re probably unfed, grouchy and tired.

If you’ve got a child who’s due for treatment or the thought of going to the dentist reduces you to a childlike state, give us a ring and we’ll talk it through.



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