Crowns and Bridges

How could a crown or bridge improve your quality of life?

There’s no doubt that missing or chipped teeth can have a big impact on your confidence and quality of life. That’s why bridges and dental crowns (also known as caps) are an important aspect of restorative dentistry. They allow us to restore our patients’ dental health to its best. We’ve lost count of the many times a well fitted crown or bridge has helped to change a patient’s life for the better. That’s why we never underestimate the importance of restorative dentistry. 

Enjoy personalised advice and care

We appreciate that it can be daunting to be told you would benefit from having a crown or a bridge fittedOur job is to take the worry out of the whole process. We’ll explain the treatment options that will work best for you and outline them step by step. We’ll also tell you about the different types of materials available and which ones might suit you. You’ll be able to share any concerns you have. Only when we know that you’re completely happy with what we recommend will we go ahead with your treatment. And that’s a promise. 

Ready for the confidence that comes from a high-quality crown or bridge?

Do you find that missing teeth are affecting your speech or your ability to enjoy eating? Perhaps chipped or damaged tooth is undermining your confidence. Our carefully chosen team of clinicians at Rectory House is here to help! They are constantly updating their knowledge of the latest techniques and approaches, so you can be sure that we’ll always provide the best treatment – the one that’s right for you! 

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Payment options
Crowns and bridges
from £600 per tooth

We offer a range of payment plans to help make it easier for our patients to access the dental treatments they need. For more information, please get in touch. 


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