Facial aesthetics

Enjoy a fresher, younger looking face

If you’re worried about wrinkles, crow’s feet or other facial lines, our facial aesthetics treatments could be the perfect answer. Our safe, long-lasting procedures will give you smoother, fresher-looking skin – and could take years off your look! All our treatments are carried out by qualified dentists with many years’ experience of helping people look and feel their best. Facial aesthetics is a fantastic way to treat yourself for a special occasion or just to give your confidence a boost. 

How will facial aesthetics make me look younger?

As we get older, wrinkles and fine lines appear on the face as the skin starts to lose its natural elasticity. People typically develop frown lines, known as glabella, between the eyes, horizontal lines on the forehead, and crow’s feet (laughter lines) around the eyes. Wrinkles might also appear on other parts of the face and neck. Our facial aesthetics treatments involve injecting Botox into the muscles that produce these lines. This temporarily paralyses themsoftening and reducing your facial lines to givyou a smoother, younger-looking face – helping you age more gracefully! You can expect your anti-wrinkle injections to be effective for around 6 months, although this will depend on the strength of your facial muscles. Whilst the effects of Botox are temporary, starting treatment sooner rather than later can help reduce further deepening of wrinkles and facial lines. 

Why choose a dentist for your facial aesthetics treatment?

You might never have thought to go to a dentist for Botox injections, but iactually makes perfect sense! During our training, we study facial anatomy in far greater depth than most other healthcare professionals, giving us the right knowledge to provide safe, effective anti-wrinkle treatments 

Your facial aesthetics procedure will be carried out by one of our registered dentists, Dr Gerard Balague Viladrich and Dr Hasmita Patel.By choosing us, you can be sure your procedure will be carried out to the highest clinical standards, with your care and satisfaction our top priority. 

Payment options
Glabella only
Glabella & forehead
Glabella, forehead & crow’s feet
Other areas*
from £100-150 per area

*Lower part of the face, jawline and neck.

Before starting your treatment, we’ll carry out an initial consultation which costs £60. If you decide to go ahead, this will be deducted from cost of your treatment. 


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