Hygiene Treatment

Oral hygiene: why does it matter?

At Rectory House Dental Practice, we put prevention first. While regular brushing and flossing at home are extremely important, research has proven that regular hygiene appointments not only give you a happier smile but a healthier one. A good standard of oral health is important for your overall well-being – as well as your teeth. Did you know gum disease is one of the biggest causes of tooth loss? More and more research is proving that many serious illnesses that affect people later in life start with issues in the gumline. It’s no wonder that we take prevention through oral hygiene so seriously. 

What happens at your hygienist appointment?

Firstly, and most importantly, whether you see Catherine or Julieour two highly experienced hygienists, they’ll do a great job of putting you at ease. As with every service we offer here at Rectory House Dental Practice, our hygienists will listen to any concerns you have and help to relax as much as possible. Then they will gently and thoroughly examine your mouth, checking for plaque, swelling, bleeding and any other potential problem areas. Next, your hygienist will carefully use special tools to remove any built-up plaque and calculus and an advanced air polishing system to polish the surface of your teeth and remove any debris. After your treatment, you’ll receive personalised advice to help you enjoy the best standard of oral health for life. 

Feel great about your oral health

At Rectory House, we believe that the happiest smile is a healthy one. Through thorough checks and prevention against diseases, regular hygiene appointments can provide peace of mind. By helping to catch problems early on, our hygienists help to boost the overall well-being of our patients and give them a much more confident smile!

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