Metal Braces (Fixed Appliance Therapy)

Creating your best smile

Fixed braces are one of the most popular treatments for creating beautiful smiles. Made of super-strong and safe stainless steel, they are attached onto the teeth with tooth coloured resin to help address a range of orthodontic issues. An orthodontic wire is attached to each bracket using elastic rings. Your orthodontist will carefully progress to using thicker wires throughout the treatment to encourage your teeth to move into the desired position. When this is achieved, the brackets and wires are easily removed. Being fixed in place ensures that the braces are working constantly to straighten the teeth, and this can make them a faster treatment option than removable braces.

Embrace confidence

Worried about how your metal braces will feel? That’s only natural. We will carefully explain how the process works and what you can expect throughout your treatment. It’s common to feel some discomfort initially and when the wires are tightened. But this is also a sign that the treatment is helping your teeth to move into the right position. As a private dental practice, we can offer the highest standard of orthodontic treatment and techniques and you will be seen by an orthodontic specialist at every appointment.

Finding the best treatment for you

There are many exciting advances in fixed appliance therapy. From fixed metal braces attached to the front of your teeth to hidden brace systems such as WIN, Incognito and Harmony. We are now introducing a new aesthetic brace system called, ICONIX. We will have a blog to explain the benefits soon. You can check out our Facebook page to see a photo of what it looks like on Georgina. With so many options, it’s important to have expert support in selecting the right one for you. Thanks to our extensive clinical experience, you can rest assured that we will complete an in-depth assessment of your teeth, including a 3D digital scan. Then we will identify the best option to suit your lifestyle and specific orthodontic issues.

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Payment options
Adults Orthodontic Consultations

(including X-rays, study models and a written report)

Children's Orthodontic Consultations

(including X-rays, study models and a written report). Children under 16 years. 

Costs will vary depending upon individual treatment required and appliance type. For more information, please get in touch. 


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