What matters most in orthodontics?

For us, it’s the same things that matter in all areas of dentistry and orthodontics: patient choice and patient care. By offering the best level of patient choice, we provide the highest standard of care for our patients. Recent changes in NHS orthodontic services for children have really brought this home for us. The changes involve new tendering for orthodontic services and mean that a number of orthodontic practices no longer have an NHS contract. This is having an impact on the choice of treatment and specialist care that parents can access for their children. 

Specialist care at every appointment

At the right private practice, patients will be seen by specialist at every appointment. Because you have a much more critical and informed eye looking at the progression of the treatment, it is always carried out to the highest standard and specifically tailored to each patient. Plus, with a specialist looking at the case and maximising what needs to be done as an adjustment at each appointment, treatment times are shorter and overall treatment efficiency is better. 

More choice

We believe that all dental and orthodontic treatment should be about what’s right for the patient. Sadly, budget limitations mean that patients receiving orthodontic treatment through the NHS won’t have the opportunity to consider the full range of treatments (such as Invisalign Teen), including those which could prove more suitable. Having the complete range of options ensures that patients receive the best possible treatment 

Ask about your options

When you’re advised by your NHS dentist about an orthodontist referral for your childremember that there are other options out there, both in terms of practitioner and treatment. Having a clearer sense of what is available will ensure that you access the treatment that is right for your child. So, make sure that you ask questions about all your options and check locally for other orthodontists in your area, particularly for those where the treatment is specialist-led. 

What’s right for your child?

As a parent, you’ll always want to find the option that is right for your child. As clinical practitioners, we want to find what’s right for every patientThe best orthodontic treatment should be based around patient choice – of practice, clinician and appliance-type, with monitoring and progression of treatment always undertaken by a specialist.  

If you’d like some advice about selecting the best orthodontic treatment for your child, please get in touch.


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