Sealants and Fillings

Sealants vs. fillings:

What’s the difference?

Fillings are used to fill cavities in teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay while sealants protect the enamel against potential decay by preventing the damage caused by food particles and other bacteria. While fillings are a reactive treatment for tooth decay, sealants are preventative and offer a great way to protect young teeth against the risks of potential cavities and fillings.  

What’s involved?

As with every treatment we provide, we will only suggest having a sealant or filling if its absolutely necessary. And well take the time to discuss your treatment options with you. Only when you are happy with your choice will we outline the next steps and what the process will involve. 

Fillings are probably one of the treatments most associated with dentists. But having a filling doesn’t have to be something to worry about. We aim to make the whole process as comfortable as possible, from start to finish.
Sealants provide preventative care for young teeth and the process is simple and painless. We apply a thin, plastic coating onto the chewing area of the teeth. This quickly bonds to the natural grooves in the teeth to create a protective shield over the enamel and prevent tooth decay. Sealants can be damaged by acidic food or tooth grinding over time so the treatment may need to be repeated as a result.

Protect your dental health

Tooth decay causes many problems. Thats why a good filling or sealant doesnt only improve your confidence in your smile: it improves your confidence in living life! We use only the highest quality materials, techniques and technology in the filling and sealant treatments that we provide. You can be sure that they will last for a very long time. Well give you personalised advice to help make sure that your filling or sealant continues to do its job for as long as possible - letting you get on with your life! 

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Regular, expert dental examinations are also covered under our Preventative Dental Care Plans which start from £12.50 a month.

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