Dental Case Studies

Happy patients sharing their stories

These are just some of the success stories that our patients would like us to share with you. Each patient has their own individual needs and expectations - therefore each case is unique, requiring a bespoke treatment plan carefully put together by our team. It is the hope of our patients who have given us permission to display their photos here, to inspire others who are maybe facing similar challenges or needs to seek help with a professional dental practitioner. So if you are looking to change your smile or if you have any immediate concerns please get in touch by calling us on 01483 575620 or email us.

Case 1

Protruding teeth

Patient was concerned about upper protruding teeth.

Treated with functional and fixed appliances.

Orthodontic treatment by Dr Trevor Ratledge.

The best practice in the area!

The treatment my daughter has received at Rectory House is outstanding. The results after taking her braces off exceeded our expectations; she has perfect, straight teeth ( like a model, if not better :)) and it just took about 10 months! Dr Trevor Ratledge is a very experienced and knowledgeable orthodontist and we are extremely lucky that we were referred to him and to this particular dental practice. The rest of the team is just as great; professional, friendly and helpful; in one word- superb. Can’t thank you all enough. I highly recommend Rectory House to everyone- the best practice in the area!

Case 2

Crowded teeth

Example of crowded teeth. Treated with extraction and fixed appliances.

Orthodontic treatment by Dr Trevor Ratledge 

Amazing throughout

Trevor and his team have been amazing throughout the whole period we have been visiting and receiving treatment. All three of my children have been given first class care and Trevor offers great support and advice whenever we have needed it. Thank you!!

Case 3

Crowded teeth

Example of crowded teeth. Treated with fixed appliances.

Orthodontic treatment with extraction by Dr Trevor Ratledge.

Excellent treatment from beginning to end!

The before and after pictures say it all - an amazing smile 😀 Thank you Trevor and his team. We are fortunate to have such care and expertise.

Case 4

Orthodontic treatment by Dr Trevor Ratledge followed by restorative bridgework by Dr Hasmita Patel.

Thank you all for your expert care!

We can’t thank Rectory House enough. The complex treatment plan was executed to perfection and the results speak for themselves. Expert care and advice all round.

Case 5

On completion of orthodontic treatment by Dr Trevor Ratledge, patient had Teeth whitening treatment to help remove the stain spots carried out by Dr Hasmita Patel.

I am thrilled with the result

Although I had never had orthodontic treatment before, I decided to have my teeth straightened and whitened in time for my daughter's wedding. The timing was quite tight but the team ensured that the treatment was completed in good time and to my full satisfaction. The level of care was excellent; the procedures were explained clearly, the timetable of appointments was sufficiently flexible to allow for additional appointments when necessary and the standard of work very high. I am thrilled with the result.

Case 6

Patient with crowded teeth treated with extractions and fixed appliances

by Dr Trevor Ratledge

Amazing straight teeth in 18 months

We are absolutely delighted with my son’s orthodontic work. His teeth prior treatment were chaotic squint, double- layered and over crowded. After about 18 month he now has an amazing straight and even teeth and he can smile and laugh oneself consciously. We are so grateful- thank you Dr Ratledge

Case 7

Replacement of missing lower incisors teeth by fixed bridgework

by Dr Rhiannon Cole

My new teeth look just like the real thing

As always everyone at Rectory House Dental Practice was so kind and professional. The treatment for my new bridge was completed quickly and efficiently and my new teeth look just like the real thing.  They fit perfectly, are comfortable and strong and I can’t believe they are not the real thing!  I couldn’t be more grateful. Many thanks yet again.’

Case 8

Patient with developmentally missing upper lateral incisors treated with the removal of lower premolars and fixed orthodontic brackets to close the spaces

by Dr Trevor Ratledge

Teeth look great!

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Teeth look great!

Case 9

Patient with severe crowding treated with the removal of four premolar teeth and fixed orthodontic appliances

by Dr Trevor Ratledge

Didn't realised how bad her teeth were

We were really pleased with the results. Didn’t realised how bad her teeth were - she now has a stunning smile, thank you !

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