Picture the scene: the sun is shining, the sky is a glorious blue and you’re gently bobbing around in a warm, gentle sea. You’re on holiday at last. It’s all good. Then comes the moment of panic when you realise your removable brace has gone for a swim without you… Unfortunately, we’ve heard about this happening more than once over the years! Our tip? Take out your removable brace before you go for a swim! 

In-flight entertainment

Here’s another scenario: you and your family are enjoying a relaxing flight to your holiday destination. Maybe you’re reading a book or just chatting. Then the trays of food are delivered. It’s a good meal – by inflight standards. You all eat up and then sit back and relax, until your child realises that they left their removable brace on the tray which has since been taken away… Cue a stressed searched through the aeroplane bins and a rather fraught rest of flight. Again, this real-life incident has been experienced by more than one of our patients! 

Flushed away

We’ve also heard stories of wonderfully efficient hotel cleaning staff. So efficient that they threw away the retainer or removable brace that had been left in a glass of water. Like the helpful family member who flushed the brace down the toilet… On holiday, when you take out your retainer or removable brace, make sure you put it in a small box – preferably a brightly coloured one! Things always seem to go astray when you’re out of your familiar home environment so it can be helpful to make sure you keep your retainer or brace in the same place throughout the holiday! 

Send us a selfie!

Sadly, our patients can’t take us with them on holiday, but they can do the next best thing in a brace emergency. If they do inadvertently damage their brace while they’re away, we’re happy for them to email us a selfie or photo of the problem and we can give them personalised advice! It saves them from panicking about having to suddenly find an orthodontist where they are. We’ve done that for a patient who was away in the US and for another who was visiting Scotland!

Don’t forget insurance

It’s typical that a dental problem will come up suddenly when you’re away, whether it’s an abscess, a loose crown or toothache. Our Smilecare plan offers insurance for these kinds of scenarios and provides added peace of mind.

See us before you set off

Prevent lurking dental problems from spoiling your holiday by making sure you have regular dental check-ups. Plus, if there is something specific you’re worried about, do get it checked out before you go. It could save you a lot of stress.

Wherever you’re planning to go this summer, we hope you have a very relaxing holiday! If you have any questions at all about preparing for your trip away, just get in touch.

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