Tooth Coloured Braces (Ceramic Braces)

What are tooth coloured braces?

Need fixed braces? Think you have to have metal braces? Think again! Orthodontic technology is advancing all the time, and at Rectory House Dental Practice, we aim to make the best of the best available to our patients. That’s why we provide the option of ceramic, tooth coloured braces. While metal braces are highly effective in straightening teeth, they can be very noticeable. Because ceramic braces are carefully made from a transparent ceramic material, they are much more subtle in appearance than traditional metal braces. Added to this, there is also an option to have aesthetic wires between the teeth which improve the overall appearance of the brace. 

Are ceramic braces right for me?

This will depend on the kinds of issues currently affecting your teeth. The best way to find out if ceramic or tooth coloured braces might be right for you is by accessing professional advice. Our friendly clinicians can carefully assess your teeth and let you know whether ceramic braces would be suitable for you. They will also let you know by how long your treatment might be extended by if you choose to have ceramic braces. They may be a good option if you would like all the benefits of fixed braces but with a much more subtle look than traditional brace treatment 

Make more of your smile

Walways put patient care first, so you can be sure that ceramic braces are a safe, comfortable and highly effective orthodontic treatment. Our in-house team of orthodontists offer the highest level of care, from your first assessment, to regular check-ups to ensure that your teeth are adjusting as they should be, through to the completion of your treatment. We understand that you want to enjoy a more confident, beautiful smile with as little discomfort and hassle as possible. 

If you would like to know more about ceramic braces and whether they are for you, just get in touch – or find out more about our team! 

Payment options
Adults Orthodontic Consultations

(including X-rays, study models and a written report)

Children's Orthodontic Consultations

(including X-rays, study models and a written report). Children under 16 years. 

Costs will vary depending upon individual treatment required and appliance type. For more information, please get in touch. 


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