Health. Most of us value it, don’t we? We take the time to invest in a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s running, cycling or yoga, many of us work hard to take care of ourselves. Like having a healthy diet packed with fresh fruit and veg or taking the time to go away on holiday and relax.  The fact is that most of us make the effort to look after ourselves because we want to live a happy, healthy life. But what about regular visits to your dentist and hygienist? Sadly, recent research has shown that more than 80% of people in Britain are still afraid to visit the dentist. Going to the dentist is still seen as a chore by many people, but taking care of your teeth with regular check-ups should form part of your lifestyle for two key reasons:

  1. Prevention

We’re a little unusual here at Rectory House Dental Practice in that our goal is for our patients to see us as little possible! While this may sound strange initially, our focus is on the long-term prevention against dental and oral health issues which is vital to a healthy lifestyle. There is a growing body of research which shows that taking care of your teeth isn’t only great for your dental health, it’s brilliant for your overall health too! Researchers have found that poor oral health is linked with a number of serious health issues, not only chronic diseases such as stroke and diabetes, but also a staggering 75% increase in the risk of contracting liver cancer. Other researchers have identified that gum disease plays a decisive role in whether a person develops Alzheimer’s disease. As if that wasn’t enough to highlight the value of good oral care as part of a healthy lifestyle, research also suggests that children who develop cavities and gum disease may be more likely to develop risk factors for heart attacks and strokes decades later, compared with those with good oral health.

  1. Confidence

A big motivator for having a healthy lifestyle is the confidence that goes with it. It’s the peace of mind that you’re taking care of yourself and working towards long-term well-being at the same time. What could be more of a boost to your confidence than a happy, healthy smile? It’s part of the whole package of a healthy life – the warm feeling that comes from knowing that you’re doing everything you can to take care of yourself.  That’s the result from knowing that your dentist and hygienist are keeping a close eye on your oral health through regular check-ups. We do understand that visiting the dentist may be a little daunting. It’s why we work so hard to make it as pleasant and comfortable an experience as possible. Because good dental and oral health are vital for a great life, not just a great lifestyle.

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