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Late cancellation & failure to attend policy

If your appointment time becomes inconvenient for you, we are always happy to change it if you provide us with two business days’ notice.

It is the aim of the Practice to provide quality dental care to patients and to use clinical time effectively. When we book an appointment for you, we commit that time and our resources to your treatment. If you do not attend your scheduled appointment and either do not tell us in advance or give insufficient notice, we are unable to allocate the time to another patient who may be in urgent need of our care.

We do of course appreciate that you have busy lives which may mean that you may not always be able to attend a previously scheduled appointment. If so, please do contact us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to re-arrange your appointment at a more convenient time for you.

However, failure to attend an appointment, or provide sufficient notice of a cancellation, will incur a cancellation fee of £30 if we are unable to re-book the time allocated to you.

For all subsequent failures, appointments are charged as follows:

  • Missed Hygiene or Treatment appointment – half the cost of the Appointment

  • Other Appointments - £30 to cover the overhead costs.

It is understandable that sometimes cancellations cannot be helped due to illness, or emergency, and we will take all valid circumstances into account.

Our goal in communicating our cancellation, and failed to attend policy is to avoid any extra charges being passed on to the patient.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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